Gaming For Honor

Gaming For Honor will be a charity video game event to raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project. It will take place on August 20-21, 2016 at Dave & Buster’s Philly Mills
1995 Franklin Mills Cir, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19154, from 12-8 pm both days.

*Wit or Witout Cheesesteaks has kindly donated a gift card! Thank you, guys! You donated this before we even announced the event, which is doubly impressive!
Please check them out:

They have 2 locations:
199 Sloan Ave
Hamilton, New Jersey 08619

9970 Roosevelt Blvd
Philadelphia, Pa 19115

*The Philadelphia Freedoms, a professional co-ed tennis team for those who don’t know(like me) have donated an event poster for the raffle. We are so grateful to you for your donation! Please check out the Freedoms:

*We could not be more pleased that Video Gaming Lounges is back on board with us this year! We can’t wait to work with you guys again. Please check out their brand new site, and sign up for it, too!

*Shirts From $5 is a start-up company that would like to give us some stuff from the raffle. I looked at some of the shirts they have for sale and I want pretty much all of them. Please check them out:

*Arcade Cache will be donating some of their amazing art to our raffle! Thank you, guys! I always dig a site that has a fellow Peach or Peachy on their staff. πŸ™‚
Please check them out:

*Palace Roller Skating Rink is donating 15 passes to the rink as a raffle prize! That sounds like such a fun prize! That brings back memories of skating parties back in school, skating with my friends, playing games, eating pizza, and just having so much fun. Thank you for such a lovely, nostalgic prize!
Please check them out:

*Utz Potato Chips is donating a gift basket to our raffle! Sounds like quite the tasty treat. Thank you, Utz!
Please check them out:

*We thank GOAT(Games Of All Types) Store, LLC for donating quite the prize of a set of 5 Dreamcast games to the raffle.
Please check them out:

*Thunderbird Lanes on Holme Ave in Philadelphia is donating a party pack for 5 people for the second year in a row for our raffle! We are so grateful that you are again giving us your support. Thank you so much!
Please check them out:

*We would like to thank The Retro Gaming Community for posting a nice little write-up about Gaming For Honor and helping to get the word out. We appreciate all the help we can get.
If you are into retro games, you should check them out:

*Nintendo_Gamers gave us a little write up as well. Thank you guys!
Check them out:

*Wow! We have some amazing news! Thatgamecompany, creators of the amazing PS4 game Journey, is donating shirts for our raffle! This is incredible! Thank you so much for donating to our raffle!
You can check out thatgamecompany here:

*Smokey Bones in Montgomeryville, Pa. is donating multiple gift certificates valuing between $20-$25 to our raffle. These cards will only be good in that store. Thank you, Smokey Bones!

Fun fact: If you join their club, you will get a coupon for something free on your birthday! This year I got a coupon for donuts! Join it while you check them out!:

*Grub Burger Bar in Montgomeryville, Pa. is donating a gift basket for a dinner for 2. They have quite a tasty looking menu, so that should be a great prize to win! Thank you, guys!
Check them out:

Montgomeryville – Phil

*That Pearler Nerd is donating some of their work pieces to our raffle! Some of the art is in their cover photo, but the more you scroll down their page, the more awesome things you will find! I really loved the Hello Kitty Iron Man and Loki set myself. Thank you so much for your donation!
Check them out:

*Dejobaan Games, creators of Elegy for a Dead World, are donating Steam Keys for some of their games to our raffle! We are amazed that we are getting donations from actual game companies, and we are truly grateful!
Check out more about them:

*We are super happy to announce that Dr. Botch will be returning as our DJ this year! If you were there last year, you know how awesome his music is, and I know I can’t wait to bop around to his sets again. If you weren’t there, you might have heard him perform at Too Many Games! Welcome back, Dann! We are always thrilled to have you with us!
Please check him out:

*We are pleased to have another supporter returning from last year! Retro Gaming Fans is back on board to give us some promotional support! Thank you for believing in us!
Please check out their pages: (Retro Gaming Fans) (NES Fans) (SNES Fans) (Playstation Fans)

*Gamers Paradise is joining us this year for some promotional support. Thank you, guys! We appreciate everyone who can get the word out there for us! Gamers Paradise is a gaming lounge in New Jersey, and they also have an online store.
Check them out:

*Classic Replay will be joining us as promotional support. We are thankful to anyone who helps get the word about Gaming For Honor out there. If you like retro gaming and learning some new things, check them out:

*Gamers Pantheon is a brand new page who are donating 2 very awesome gift baskets to our raffle. One is an Xbox One basket, the other a Playstation 4 basket. They are also going to be doing an interview with members of our staff!
These are some pretty generous donations, and like I said, they are a new page, so why not show Casey and the staff some love and check them out. They have gaming news to reviews and everything in between. We here at Gaming For Honor thank you for being so generous to us.

*Sports Gaming Association will be joining us this year and will be holding a Madden tournament! This sounds like a team up made in heaven! We are so glad you will be with us this year!
Check them out:

*Colossalcon, Ohio’s largest anime convention, has donated two 4-day passes to their 2017 show to our raffle! This is a snippet from their site:
“Ohio’s largest anime convention returns to Sandusky for our 15th year! Anime, video games, and cash prizes for the Cosplay Masquerade. Come find out why over 17,000 unique attendees joined us last year (It’s more than the waterpark and the 32oz mixed drinks). For complete info, please visit the website and follow our FB page. See you there!”

Sounds exciting! I also saw that they will be having a convention a bit closer to home for those of us who live in Pa. in September 2017 in the Pocono Mountains.
We would like to thank Donnell Shofner and the staff for their fabulous donation!
Check out their pages:
And this is their 2016 event page:

*Classic Music Fans will be giving us some promotional support. Thank you, guys!
Check them out:

*Gamesquadsquad are putting together gift packages for our raffle, and will also be joining us to live stream a Megaman speedrun! They will also possibly be doing Street Fighter matches for the charity. Each match would cost $1. Thank you so much for all you are doing for us, and we can’t wait to see you in August!
Check them out:

*A Video Game Con(AVGC) are donating a weekend pass to their convention(a $50 value) to our raffle! It takes place September 10-11th in Parsippany, NJ, and offers freeplay, vendors, tournaments, guests, music, after parties, panels, auctions, and much more. Sounds like a great time! Check out their sites for more info:

*Video Games Monthly is donating a mystery box to our raffle which features some classic video games from all generations(a $44.99 value)! They are a monthly subscription service who offer games from the 1980s-2000s! Sounds perfect to me!
Check them out and get yourself some retro games:

*Geek’s Crate are donating 5 t-shirts to our raffle! The themes of the shirts are Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Sons of Anarchy, Masters of the Universe, Jurassic Park, and Lord of the Rings. I want 3/5 of those shirts!
You should definitely check them out, because they have shirts from so many different genres, so they are bound too have something you want.

*East Coast Wings & Grill are donating two $25.00 gift cards to their restaurant! They have some really tasty looking food, so good luck to all who enter for this prize! Thank you so much to John Szymanski and his staff for your very generous donation.
Please check them out:
or e-mail them at:

*We have more incredible news! Double Fine Productions, the award winning makers of the game Psychonauts, are donating a Steam code for their game Broken Age! We are absolutely delighted that they have done this, and we are endlessly grateful! Thank you so much!
Please check out their pages and their other amazing games!

*Nurbs Studios is a brand new company, currently developing a game called When Shadows Fall. They have also very generously donated $200 to Gaming For Honor! Tey are our very first cash sponsors! Thank you so much for this wonderful gift, which we will use to make the event as awesome as possible.
Please check out their pages and give them a hand on Kickstarter.

*Warp Zone is donating an Xbox 360 console and some games to our raffle! That’s a very impressive donation, and we thank you very much!
Warp Zone is a video game, toy, and collectables store in Greensburg, Pa., and they also have a store on eBay. According to Google maps, they are over 4 hours away from me, so I guess I will be hopping over to the eBay store to see what they have. πŸ™‚

Please check out their sites:

*Joe’s Pro Shop will be donating a gift certificate to the raffle. We thank you very much for your kind donation. They sell all sorts of good bowling accessories, so hop on over and check them out.

*We would like to thank Resident Gamers for giving us promotional support. They wrote a very nice post about us to get the word out about Gaming For Honor!
Resident Gamers is a serious gaming group looking for anyone who would like to join them. If you would like to join them, you can send a message to their Xbox gamer tags. John Mote IV is TackledJM4 and Co-Leader Tristion McConnell is WarfareDuty.
Thank you again, John and Tristion for helping us to get the word out! You guys rock!

*We are very happy to announce that The Grimm Brothers will be joining us this year! They are a brand new indie game company from Philly, and are currently developing a game called Dragon Fin Soup, a JRPG style game. It has won quite a few awards, and you can buy it now for PS4, PS3, PS Vita, Steam, and Humble Bundle, and it is coming soon to Xbox One, IOS, Android, Apple. Here is a description from their site:
“Dragon Fin Soup seamlessly blends genres to create a fresh experience: half story-driven tactical RPG and half high-stakes roguelike, with a pinch of crass humor and a heaping helping of murder & madness set in a procedurally generated fantasy world.”
From what I saw, you play as a Little Red Riding Hood character, and the game looks like fun. I can’t wait to try it! Thank you so much for bringing your game to Gaming For Honor!
Head on over to their sites to learn more about The Grimm Brothers, Dragon Fin Soup, and buy a copy for yourself!

*Yacht Club Games, makers of the very popular PS4 and Wii U game Shovel Knight, is putting together a few donations for us! They also offered us the chance to get and use some awesome Shovel Knight art patches. Thank you, guys! We are very grateful!
Please check them out:

*Game Roster is giving us 5 free lifetime passes to their services! That incredible! They are also offering an unlimited number of people one free month by using the code Free2Play at sign up.

If you don’t know who they are, here is an excerpt from their website:
“Game Roster is an online tool that helps you organize game events with friends, connect with new players, avoid trolls, and make money-playing games. Our goal is to simplify your gaming life and help you find great online players with one profile for all your games on a single trusted site that is endorsed by GameStop.
We offer invites, group messaging, and interactive rosters to help organize your events. We also have player ratings, reviews, videos, and economic incentives that encourage good behavior and provide information that will help you identify good gamers and avoid players that would ruin your online gaming experience.
Create a profile, find players, or play public games for FREE or subscribe for $0.99/month or $4.99/year to post private events, collect donations, remove ads, and upload a custom avatar.”

Sounds like a really useful service! They also have a new iOS app to download. To learn more about them, check out their sites:

*We would like to thank Cosmic Primate Tattoos for helping us out for the 2nd year in a row! They are donating $200 worth of gift certificates to our raffle! We are also very thankful that they are allowing us to have fliers in their shop. Thank you, guys!
Please check them out:

*A very big thank you to Dave & Buster’s at Philadelphia Mills Circle for allowing us to have our event at your fine establishment!

The rest of this info will be updated as updates roll in. We might do different tournaments, and you can’t buy tickets yet(why the link is removed), raffle tickets may or may not be on sale yet(I have to confirm with Richard). We will have all new sponsors this year. I just want to keep the template in place.

We are currently looking for Super Smash Brothers players for a tournament, speedrunners, blindfold players, sponsors, and donations for raffles.

Tickets are available at
The prices are:

*$35 for everything, including the tournament
*$25 for non-tournament guests
*$15 for seniors 55 and older/children 12 and under
*As always, free to all former and current military personnel, with proper identification.

There will be prizes for our tournament players, and we will be holding raffles throughout the day. Raffle tickets are on sale now for:
*1 for $1
*3 for $2
*10 for $5
*20 for $10
Good luck to all in advance!

We are currently sponsored by:
*Game Zombie:
*Way Out Body Piercing:

We have been gifted a donation by Sean Beeson(
Thanks to Mr. Rob Talbot for donating an autographed cigar and puck set signed by hall of famer Bernie Parent.
Way Out is also donating some sweet t-shirts for prizes!
We would also like to thank the Philadelphia Flyers( for donating a hockey stick, and #32 Mark Streit for autographing it!

Thank you to Gamin’ Ride for donating one of their sweet game trucks to us for the event!

Thank you to our new supporter, Chuck E. Cheese( and

We would also like to thank Let There Be Gamers for their promotional support.

We would like to thank Cosmic Primate Tattoos for their support, and for donating some t-shirts and gift cards.

We would like to give a huge thank you to Too Many Games for giving us a shout-out!

You can start donating at

You can also visit our other pages:
And our official page,

For more information, please email us at

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