New promotional supporter from Video Gaming Lounges!

We are pleased to announce our newest promotional supporter! Video Gaming Lounges has offered us up some support that is nothing short of phenomenal, and we are so excited! Video Gaming Lounges is the central platform for finding video gaming lounge locations and reviews for a fun social gaming environment.

They will be promoting us to their community, as well as their social media and official sites, and we will do the same for them in return, gladly. They will also be doing a pre-event article about Gaming For Honor, as well as a post-event review/recap of the event itself, which sounds very exciting! Plus(yes, PLUS) they will be donating a gift to the event!!!

To everyone at Video Gaming Lounges, thank you so much for your support, and for all that you do to promote social gaming environments. You rock!

Please check out their pages and see if you have a gaming lounge near you!

Cracker Barrel auction

Did you guys know that May is Military Appreciation month? Cracker Barrel has a thing called The Four-Star Salute™ Military Family Online Charity Auction, which runs from May 11-25. You can bid on all sorts of goodies and the proceeds benefit the USO’s military family initiatives. Please check out their website and see if you can find anything you like to benefit a good cause. Also, you should not question why I joined so many mailing lists from restaurants. 😀

Raffle Tickets

Hello, everyone! We would like to let you know that raffle tickets are on sale now. We have a list of the prizes that have been donated thus far in the About section of this page and at our official site , some of which include the autographed items from the Flyers and Sean Beeson. We have many other prizes being donated almost weekly, and we are actually still accepting items for prizes as well. The raffle tickets will be:
*1 for $1
*2 for $3
*10 for $5
*20 for $10

We will have an updated list available soon, and we will update the list each time a new item is added. Good luck to all in advance!

New ticket prices

Hey, everyone, we are making changes to the ticket prices for the event! Instead of $45 for everyone, the prices will now be:

*$25 for everything, including being in the tournament
*$15 for non-tournament attendees
*$5 for seniors 55 and older/children 12 and under
*As always, free to all former and current military personnel, with proper ID.

Elite Laser Combat

We are thrilled to announce that Elite Laser Combat would like to set up an outdoor laser tag game at our event! How fun will that be??!!?? Not only that, but they will be donating prizes as well! Thank you so much! Check them out.

Brodi Valos Band

We are very happy to announce that we have a band! Brodi Valos Band is an amazing local band, and they will be rocking out at Gaming For Honor! Thank you, guys! Please check out their pages to learn more about the awesome music they will be playing.

Shout-out from Too Many Games!

We would like to give a huge thank you to Too Many Games for giving us a shout-out! Too Many Games will be on June 26-28 at the Greater Philly Expo Center, and is like a paradise for gamers. For more info on them, please check out their pages.

Thanks again, guys! Hopefully, some of us will be there!