We would like to thank The Retro Gaming Community for posting a nice little write-up about Gaming For Honor and helping to get the word out. We appreciate all the help we can get.
If you are into retro games, you should check them out:

Bowling for 5

Thunderbird Lanes on Holme Ave in Philadelphia is donating a party pack for 5 people for the second year in a row for our raffle! We are so grateful that you are again giving us your support. Thank you so much!
Please check them out:


Hello, everyone! We have some news to update you on. I am admittedly a little bit behind due to medical reasons. πŸ™‚

First up, we have GOAT Store, LLC donating quite the prize to our raffle. No, it isn’t a goat. GOAT stands for Games Of All Types, and they are located in Milwaukee. They will be sending us a set of 5 Dreamcast games! I know where some of my raffle tickets are going!

Please check them out:

Utz gift basket

Utz Potato Chips is donating a gift basket to our raffle! Sounds like quite the tasty treat. Thank you, Utz!
Please check them out:

A donation of roller skating fun

Palace Roller Skating Rink is donating 20 passes to the rink as a raffle prize! That sounds like such a fun prize! That brings back memories of skating parties back in school, skating with my friends, playing games, eating pizza, and just having so much fun. Thank you for such a lovely, nostalgic prize!
Please check them out:

Arcade Cache

Arcade Cache will be donating some of their amazing art to our raffle! Thank you, guys! I always dig a site that has a fellow Peach or Peachy on their staff. πŸ™‚
Please check them out:

Shirts From $5

Shirts From $5 is a start-up company that would like to give us some stuff from the raffle. I looked at some of the shirts they have for sale and I want pretty much all of them. Please check them out:

Video Gaming Lounges is back!

We could not be more pleased that Video Gaming Lounges is back on board with us this year! We can’t wait to work with you guys again. Please check out their brand new site, and sign up for it, too!