A yummy donation

Wit or Witout Cheesesteaks has kindly donated a gift card! Thank you, guys! You donated this before we even announced the event, which is doubly impressive!
Please check them out:

They have 2 locations:
199 Sloan Ave
Hamilton, New Jersey 08619

9970 Roosevelt Blvd
Philadelphia, Pa 19115

It’s planning time!

Alright folks, hold on to your hats. If you aren’t wearing a hat, hold on to whatever you want. We are beginning our planning for Gaming For Honor 2016, which will be August 21st and the venue is TBA. We haven’t even announced anything yet and we already have people interested! I will be updating with info about these kind people, and adding them to the “thank you” list on the “about” page. Stay tuned because there are a lot of updates coming. This update would have come a lot sooner if your social media guru here didn’t end up in the hospital for almost a month and a PT/OT Rehab Center, which is where this update is being written from! Oops!
Remember, if you are interested in being involved in some way with Gaming For Honor, please contact us!