Gamers Pantheon

Gamers Pantheon is a brand new page who are donating 2 very awesome gift baskets to our raffle. One is an Xbox One basket, the other a Playstation 4 basket. They are also going to be doing an interview with members of our staff!
These are some pretty generous donations, and like I said, they are a new page, so why not show Casey and the staff some love and check them out. They have gaming news to reviews and everything in between. We here at Gaming For Honor thank you for being so generous to us.

Classic Replay

Classic Replay will be joining us as promotional support. We are thankful to anyone who helps get the word about Gaming For Honor out there. If you like retro gaming and learning some new things, check them out:

Gamers Paradise

Gamers Paradise is joining us this year for some promotional support. Thank you, guys! We appreciate everyone who can get the word out there for us! Gamers Paradise is a gaming lounge in New Jersey, and they also have an online store.
Check them out:

Retro Gaming Fans

We are pleased to have another supporter returning from last year! Retro Gaming Fans is back on board to give us some promotional support! Thank you for believing in us!
Please check out their pages: (Retro Gaming Fans) (NES Fans) (SNES Fans) (Playstation Fans)

Dr. Botch!

We are super happy to announce that Dr. Botch will be returning as our DJ this year! If you were there last year, you know how awesome his music is, and I know I can’t wait to bop around to his sets again. If you weren’t there, you might have heard him perform at Too Many Games! Welcome back, Dann! We are always thrilled to have you with us!
Please check him out:

Dejobaan Games!

Dejobaan Games, creators of Elegy for a Dead World, are donating Steam Keys for some of their games to our raffle! We are amazed that we are getting donations from actual game companies, and we are truly grateful!
Check out more about them:

That Perler Nerd

That Pearler Nerd is donating some of their work pieces to our raffle! Some of the art is in their cover photo, but the more you scroll down their page, the more awesome things you will find! I really loved the Hello Kitty Iron Man and Loki set myself. Thank you so much for your donation!
Check them out:

Grub Burger Bar

Grub Burger Bar in Montgomeryville, Pa. is donating a gift basket for a dinner for 2. They have quite a tasty looking menu, so that should be a great prize to win! Thank you, guys!
Check them out:

Montgomeryville – Phil