Game Roster

Game Roster is giving us 5 free lifetime passes to their services! That incredible! They are also offering an unlimited number of people one free month by using the code Free2Play at sign up.

If you don’t know who they are, here is an excerpt from their website:
“Game Roster is an online tool that helps you organize game events with friends, connect with new players, avoid trolls, and make money-playing games. Our goal is to simplify your gaming life and help you find great online players with one profile for all your games on a single trusted site that is endorsed by GameStop.
We offer invites, group messaging, and interactive rosters to help organize your events. We also have player ratings, reviews, videos, and economic incentives that encourage good behavior and provide information that will help you identify good gamers and avoid players that would ruin your online gaming experience.
Create a profile, find players, or play public games for FREE or subscribe for $0.99/month or $4.99/year to post private events, collect donations, remove ads, and upload a custom avatar.”

Sounds like a really useful service! They also have a new iOS app to download. To learn more about them, check out their sites: