New promotional supporter from Video Gaming Lounges!

We are pleased to announce our newest promotional supporter! Video Gaming Lounges has offered us up some support that is nothing short of phenomenal, and we are so excited! Video Gaming Lounges is the central platform for finding video gaming lounge locations and reviews for a fun social gaming environment.

They will be promoting us to their community, as well as their social media and official sites, and we will do the same for them in return, gladly. They will also be doing a pre-event article about Gaming For Honor, as well as a post-event review/recap of the event itself, which sounds very exciting! Plus(yes, PLUS) they will be donating a gift to the event!!!

To everyone at Video Gaming Lounges, thank you so much for your support, and for all that you do to promote social gaming environments. You rock!

Please check out their pages and see if you have a gaming lounge near you!

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